Proenza Schouler S/S 2013

Still waiting forever for the Digital Art class to open. I decided to change to a theme more like portfolio. My cousin from US was back for a 6 months vacation and I want to live to the fullest (it means not spending 2/3 of my time on the internet) so yeah I'm pretty busy with plans and schedules.
I really adore some of the Maison Martin Margiela dresses, they go back with vintage oriental twist. The trademark masks - as usual - are visually beautiful. I like this collection more than the Spring couture collection, I think it has more soul, and definitely more wearable.

It seems that less and less designer interested in making Couture, and some may say it is slowly going to an end. This I must agree, even the Couture master like Christian Lacroix went bankrupt, the struggle to finding clients, often the richest of the richs, are getting so hard. And there are some Couture lines are going downhill (this season: Valentino/ most obvious in my opinion). Funny thing is, Dolce & Gabbana kept their Alta Moda exclusively private for their clients, but the leaked photos show that it is completely disappointed (for example, what is this? couture cow girl?), and maybe that's the reason it's private.

But there are still gems, I know, Christian Dior by Raf Simons. I'm begin to think that Raf is more suitable for Dior than Galliano (I still love both!). From a Jil Sander genius, we thought he couldn't represent Dior because minimalism is in his blood, but look at what he did now:

Forget about the clothes of Womenswear that even Gisele can't make them look good, let's talk about Balenciaga menswear F/W 2014. Campaign with model Dzhovani Gospodinov shoot by Josh Olins. Very beautiful, eventhough it's more likely the style of Jil Sander and Stella McCartney ;)

Ok so I just decided to blog about my style too, eventhough I just randomly pick anything to wear when I feel like it, and I'm a bit too short for everything good. Start with my almost-everyday-look. Really, everyday I wear this kind of style (and T-shirt with maxi dresses), it's summer and super hot but it will rain unexpectedly. Sometimes I wear flats because I have to ride my scooter, and it's not ok when your boots get wet.

Shirt Burberry Brit/ T-Shirt Broccoli/ Shoes Asos/ Bag Ochirly

I went to see How to train your Dragon. I'd love to have a Toothless pls.
I've changed my blog name and theme because I just looked at my photo collection and there was a photo from an editorial back there in 2009 by Dazed & Confused or so I suppose, with model Heidi Mount, named "We can turn this world around" and I think it's absolutely beautiful!

Anyway, it's time for another masterpiece editorial! This editorial makes me reminiscing about the time I stayed up so late watching 50s-80s movies. It brings out a kind of nostalgia, full of class with the help of stormy weather.

Photographer Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor/Stylist Karl Templer
Hair Stylist Oribe
Makeup Artist Pat McGrath
Model Katrin Thormann - Toni Garrn

 Christopher Kane F/W 2012

Lara Stone

These are all the pieces I find worth desiring. I'm too lazy to comment about them but I just want you to know Raf is God if you don't like Raf's Dior I honestly couldn't figure out what would catch your interest. Oh my I love him so much.

Worst part: I've lost faith in Valentino, what happened with this brand's Resort collection was the most disturbing thing in the universe I must say.

This blog's first post if I'm not wrong is 14th June 2013. Wow, one year passed, I gained much more experiences and my drawing's skill is much more improved. I also have a lot of readers as well as supporters and I'm thankful for that (‘∀’●)♥! 

I didn't post the last two weeks because I had eyes surgery and now I'm back without glasses, pretty awesome because I have myopia since I was 6 and I've never ever know how it feels like not to wearing huge glasses until now, dog days are over!
Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Spring 2012

It sounds so weird now that it is only 'Saint Laurent'. But I disagree with the statement "Ain't Laurent without Yves" (it sounds cool, and hip, and etc etc for fashion bloggers tho, I understand). Yeah sure maybe Hedi Slimane is making a complete change with the brand, but that doesn't mean he is a bad designer (he brought the term 'skinny white boys' to international famous with Dior Homme and a heavy influence with Vogue Hommes Nippon (✿ ♥‿♥). Plus, I think menswear is harder to design - basically almost everything looks good on skinny girls - and he did an amazing job, I believe he could go on with his womenswear smoothly). In case somebody still bitter, take a look through the YSL archive and take a look back to all the recent collections by Hedi, you will see the resemblances as in fashion repeats itself. It's not quite THAT good, but it is good imo.

And you can see the immediately change in Raf's and Galliano's Dior, or in Marc's and Nicholas' Louis Vuitton, I think you can't say what Hedi did is 'cheap regular street style' (I saw some comments back there and got really confused). It's like you compare Holly Golightly (I know she's a Givenchy girl but in this case I'm refering to the 'glamour girl' term) to the cool chic like Freja Beha. 

Also I think the ad campaign of Saint Laurent with Freja Beha definitely made a remarkable defination for Hedi's aesthetic perspective, needless to say it's different than the Yves Saint Laurent of yesterday, like a 2.0 version of the YSL girl.

I've been browsing the archive of Peter Lindbergh, he is my most favorite fashion photographer. Today I want to share one of the most beautiful editorials of him from Harper’s Bazaar 1993 called City of Angels (inspired by the movie Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin/ Wings of Desire 1987 - which I'm also gonna watch this month). So far this editorial listed on my folder as 'iconic'.

Photographer Peter Lindbergh
Model Amber Valletta

3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 2013

My internet is so slow lately I don't know why, so I got lazy and don't bother to touch the computer. I hate slow internet, it devours souls. Also I wish for a pair of boots like above but my legs are too short it will definitely look weird *sigh* (#+_+)